10 Tips for Planting and Caring for succulents

Succulent can adorn your home. Planting and caring for succulents is very different than handling of regular household plants. If you are a beginner and wondering what is the right approach towards planting and caring for succulents, here are 10 rocking tips:

1. Select a right container:

Select a container that has hole in the bottom. This will allow excess water to escape. Succulents are desert plants. They are not used to too much water. Too much water can cause your plant to rot.

2. Selecting the right soil

Select soil specifically for cactus and succulent. This soil is lighter than the regular soil. It retains less moisture. Also, it has more aeration and it is lighter.

3. Select the Right Succulent

If you are starting new, select a succulent that is easy to grow. Make sure it is healthy. Select a succulent with nice shape, color and is without dying foliage.

4. Planting your Succulent

Fill half the container with succulent soil. Gently place the succulent on top of the soil. Cover the surrounding area with succulent soil.

5. Watering the Succulent

Water the succulent until the water just starts to drain from the bottom of the container. Succulents are not used to a lot of water as they are desert plants. Hence, cleanup excess water collected around the bottom of the succulent pot. Too much water can cause the succulent to rot.

6. Food for Succulents

Like any other plant, succulent need food too. When you buy your succulent ask for instructions for fertilizing the plant. Generally, you need to fertilize once a month. Use succulent specific food available in the market. Use the plant food or fertilizer as per the instructions on the fertilizer.

7. Succulents need the Sun

Succulents are Desert plants. They are used to a lot of light. Hence, you have to expose them to light for around six hours every day. Also, too much sunlight can damage certain succulents. Hence, when selecting the succulent, carefully read the instructions for the amount of light they require.

If there is not enough sunlight in your area, you may need to artificially provide extra light using indoor light for plants.

8. Maintaining the Surrounding Temperature

As succulents are desert plants, they cannot handle cold weather. So, before the cold weather strikes, bring the succulents indoor.

9. Monitoring the succulents

You need to monitor the succulents to make sure that they are not rotting due to excess water or they are not infested. If there is any issue, take care of it there and then.

10. Grooming your Succulent

Succulents look amazon and add to the beauty of your home and garden. To maintain them, trip off the lead leaves. Clear off the fallen leaves under the succulent.