11 Top Benefits of Compost

Technically speaking, compost is broken down organic material. When organic material decomposes, you get compost as an end product. For gardening, normally kitchen and garden waste is used to produce compost. Here are a few benefits of using compost in your garden.

  • A soil with compost in it will retain more nutrients and moisture than the normal soil.
  • A compost enriched soil is easier to work.
  • Compost will bring more beneficial insects and worms to your garden.
  • Compost will save the amount of money you will have to spend on fertilizers.
  • Compost if helpful in reducing the number of harmful pests.
  • Compost will protect your plants from diseases.
  • An obvious benefit of compost is its huge ability to fertilize the soil.
  • One of its numerous benefits of compost on the soil is that it stabilizes soil pH.
  • You can reduce yard and home waste collection costs by composting.
  • Another good thing about using compost instead of chemical and inorganic fertilizers is that it releases nutrients gradually, which is not only has its own long term benefits but also protects plants from over-fertilizing.
  • Compost can be helpful in Controlling weed.

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