5 Tips to make your succulents grow well

Growing succulents can be challenging at times. It is difficult to emulate the natural environment of succulent indoors. This is much easier for the common household plant.

Here are a 5 tips that will help you to grow your succulents well –

1) Give your succulents enough water

Though succulents are desert plants, they need water. Give them enough water to help them grow well.

2) Place your succulents in a well lit area

Succulents need a good amount of light to grow well. Place your succulents in the area in your house that has good amount of sunlight.

3) Use Succulent specific soil

Succulents are used to growing in dry areas. Hence, standard potting plant alone cannot be used to grow succulents. Mix the standard potting soil with inorganic, well draining, low nutrient-soil like perlite

4) Give your succulent enough space to grow

Overcrowding succulents can cause mould and insects infestations. Give your succulents enough space so that they get enough food and water.

5) Keep outdoor succulents outside

Do not try to grow outdoor succulents inside your house. These outdoor desert verities will not ab able to withstand the indoor environment. Hence, when buying your succulents, find out if it’s an indoor or outdoor succulent.