How often should you water Outdoor Succulents

The care for outdoor succulents is different than indoor succulents. The most common questions that many people have is “How often should I water my succulent”?

Succulents are desert plants. They need less water. Too much water or moisture can be damaging to the succulents. Hence, watering frequency is critical for succulents.

How often should I water Outdoor succulents?

Outdoor succulents face natural environment. In warmer seasons, the soil dries out faster. Hence, frequency of watering outdoor succulents will change with season. In summer season, water the succulents 2 times in a week. While in winter, water the succulents once a week. Before watering the succulents, make sure that the soil is dry. Succulents planted in the soil need less water than the succulents planted in pots. This is because, the ground soil gets moisture from the regions around. Hence, in summer season, the succulents planted in soil can be watered once a week. In winter season, succulents planted in soil can be watered once every two weeks.

In the natural environment of outdoor succulents, the water evaporates faster as compared to indoor succulents. So, the frequency of watering outdoor succulents has to be more than that of indoor succulents.

Season Change affects Watering schedule of Succulents

As the seasons change, the moisture in the air and temperatures change. Due to these moisture and temperature changes, the watering schedule of the succulents change,

Watering outdoor succulents in Summer

Succulents are used to high temperatures of the desert. Hence, summer is a good season for succulents. As water is quickly evaporated from the soil during the summer season, the succulents need to be watered more frequently. They may need watering couple of times in a week.

Watering succulents in Fall

Fall is the transition between Summer and winter. In the early days of fall, as it is still warm, water the succulents once a week. In the later days of fall, the water requirement of succulents will decrease. Watering the succulents once in 10 days will be good.

Watering succulents in Winter

As succulents are desert plants, they cannot withstand the cold outside in the winter season. When it starts getting chilly outside, bring your succulents indoors. When you get the outdoor succulents inside, they will need less water. Water then once every two weeks.

Watering Succulents in Spring

In the early days of spring, watering succulents once in 10 days will be good. In the later days of spring, start water your succulents more frequently – about once a week.

Signs that you have Overwatered Outdoor Succulent

You need to check the health of your succulent from time to time. Following are the signs to look for in case your succulent is over-watered:

  • The color of the leaves of the succulent will become lighter than normal leaf color.
  • When touched, the leaves easily come off
  • Leaves of the over-watered Succulent will be soft and mushy.
  • The succulent will not look healthy

The leaves that are closer to the soil are first to be affected when over-watering is done.

When watering the succulent, it is necessary to check that the above mentioned signs are not present.

Signs that you have Underwatered Outdoor Succulent

In case your succulent or not getting enough water, it will show the following signs

  • Leaves of the succulent will be thinner than normal and be deflated
  • leaves of the succulent will have wrinfles and they will skrink

Hence, inspection is of utmost importance to check for signs of over-watering and under-watering of succulents.