Plants for Low Light Areas of your House

There must be some areas in your house where bright sunlight won’t reach. There are certain plants that can survive in such areas. Here are a few plants that are best suitable for the low light areas of your house

Snake Plant
This plant is commonly known as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue. It doesn’t require much care, just make sure you don’t over-water it. It consumes less water. So in order to avoid over watering, water it once or twice a week depending on temperature, humidity, amount of light received by the plant and other factors that affect the water-consumption of a plant. It is always a good idea to let a plant dry before watering it again. Don’t let the water sit on the leaves, this will form a rot, in order to avoid it extra care should be taken while watering the plant. Allow them to root bound before repotting, they grow best this way. This plant can be poisonous, so avoid keeping it at your place if you have pets or little children around.

Lucky Bamboo
This plant is a symbol of luck and success because of its rapid growth, strength and fortitude. It is also famous for needing a very low-maintenance. Don’t place it near the heating or A/C vent. It does not like Sun and should be placed in shade. It is kept in water, rather than the soil. It does not like the chemicals like chlorine present in  your water. Place it in tap water that is kept in a pot for some time so that the chemicals will settle down. Rain water is also a good option to keep them. If you want to grow it in soil then the soil should be kept slightly moist and should not be allowed to dry.

Spider Plant
Spider plant is a beautiful looking house plant. This plant is fit for most locations; as it will survive the low-light areas, it will also do good near the window if you keep it away from the midday sun. An easy to grow plant for the low light areas of your house.

Chinese Evergreen
It is a tropical plant native to the Southeast Asia. Don’t over water the plant. Let the soil dry before watering the plant again. The plant will grow best in warm temperatures. Water the plant with room temperature or warm water. It is known to flourish well even in extremely low-light areas of the house.

Kentia Palm
The Kentia Palm will grow well in low-light areas of your house. But if you really want your Kentia Palm to have more fronds then place it in medium light levels. Yellow tips indicate over watering while brown tips occur when this palm is not watered properly.

Cast Iron Plants
They are really very tough plants that will tolerate extreme temperatures, wet soil, droughts, neglecting and light levels as low as 10 foot candles. Good for those who are too busy or too lazy to look after their plants.

Peace Lily
Another plant for the low light areas of your home or office. The Peace Lily plants require heavy watering. Applying too much fertilizer to this plant can damage its roots.

Bamboo Palm
Bamboo palm is native to dense rain forests of Central and Southern America and where it stays under the shade of taller trees. It requires moist soil and shade. Keep its soil slightly moist but don’t over water it as over watering can kill the plant.