Succulent Leaves Turning Brown

Are you wondering why the leaves of your succulent are turning brown? The two main reasons why the leaves of succulent can turn brown are

  • Sunburn
  • Underwatering of Succulents

The most common reason for the leaves of the succulent turning brown is too much sun. Heat wave or too much exposure to sunlight can cause the leaves of the succulent turn brown due to sunburn. The leaves can also shrivel.

There is a clear distinction between sunburnt leaves and overwatered leaves. The Sunburnt leaves will look brown or black. As days pass, the sunburnt leaves will start ot shrivel. Leaves of overwatered succulent will be light-brown or yellow and mushy.

What can you do to stop the leaves from turning brown due to Sunburn

When you see that the leaves of your succulent are turning brown or black, move them to a shadey place.

It is difficult to recover the leaves that are already sunburnt. But ti will prevent further damage to your succulent.

A sunburnt plant is still healthy, just that it is not properly cared for. The damaged leaves will shrivel and fall off in the long term. So, if action is taken in time, it should not be a big worry.

Smaller nurseries care for their plants better than big stores. Prefer smaller nurseries to shop for your succulent collection.

Gradually Exposing the Succulent to the Sun

Sudden exposure to sun is a big cause of succulent leaves turning brown due to sunburn. Succulents need to be acclimatized to the sun. No doubt succulents love the sun. But, succulents cannot handle sudden exposure to sun. Gradually expose them to sun. This applies to mature as well as baby succulents. But of course, baby plants and unrooted leaves used for propagation are more sensitive to being damaged by sunlight.

whenever there is a heatwave, you should provide shade to your succulent.

Brown leaves of Succulent due to Underwatering

If you underwater your succulent, the leaves of the succulent start become brown. This is a sign that you have not provided enough water to your succulent. You need to re-adjust your succulent watering schedule.

The leaves at the bottom of the succulent are the first to be affected due to underwatering. One you provide water, the plant will be healthy and will grow well. you will have to cut off the underwatered brown shriveled leaves.