Zebra Plant Succulent (Haworthia)

Zebra Plant succulent, also known as Haworthia fasciata, is an easy to case succulent. It can be a very good selection for your indoor succulent collection.

The Zebra Plant had thick and long deep green leaves with white stripes on them. Hence the name zebra . The leaves of Zebra Haworthia are arranged in rosettes. Zebra Plant is small in size. It grows about 5 to 6 inches tall. Also, its a very slow growing succulent.

It is very easy to maintain zebra succulent. It can go without water for weeks. They look fantastic in different soils. They are very popular as gifts.

These plants have their origin in South Africa.

Zebra Plant Benefits

  • Zebra plants look awesone.
  • They are very easy to grow as well as propogate
  • They do not become huge in size. They do not require a lot of sunlight. Hence they are suitable to be low-maintainance indoor plants
  • Zebra Succulent is non-toxic to cats and dogs.

Zebra Plant Price

The Zebra Plant costs around $12.

Zebra Succulent Propagation

Zebra Plant Succulent producesses offsets. There offsets can be removed and planted to grow new Zebra Plants.

The Zebra succulents can also be propagated with leaves. Cut the leaf of Zebra Succulent.Let it heal for a 2 to 3 days. Them place the leaf on soil to propagate the plant.

Zebra Plant Succulent Bloom

White flowers appear on the Zebra plant at the end on Summer.

Zebra Succulent Flower

Zebra Succulent Care

Zebra Haworthia how often to water

During the summer season, water the zebra plant once a week, when the soil is dry. Watering in the winter is a little trickier. Zebra succulent needs much less water in winter. In winter, do not water the zebra succulent until the soil is completely dry. They have water storing mechanism in their leaves.

Soil for Zebra Haworthia

Select soil specifically for cactus and succulent. This soil is lighter than the regular soil. It retains less moisture. Also, it has more aeration and it is lighter. It is recommend that you renew the soil every two years.

Fertilizer for Zebra Haworthia

Fertilize the Zebra Succulent once a month during the summer season. Do not fertilize in the winter season.

Zebra Succulent brown Tips / Haworthia Turning Brown

The leaves of Zebra Succulent can become black if they get sunburnt. To avoid sunburn, gradually expose them to sun. Provide shade to the succulent.

The leaves of Zebra succulent an also become brown if they receive less water. Less water also causes the leaves to shrivel. If this is the case, increase the frequency of watering the succulent.