5 Steps to Grow Succulents from Seed

Select the right containers of propagation pans

Select low height propagation pans for sowing seeds. The height of these container should not be more that 6 inches. There should be holes on the bottom of the container. these holes allow the water to drain out easily.

Succulent Soil

Use succulent specific soil for sowing the succulent seeds. Succulent soil is light and airy. It retains less moisture as it drains out fast.

Sow the seeds

Sow the seeds deep into the soil. Cover the seeds up with soil. Place the prorogation pans in a shady place with good ventilation and indirect light. Summer is a good time to sow the succulent seeds.

Wait for germination

Most succulents germinate withing 3 weeks. You will see the small seeding appear. Give it good ventilation and right amount of water. Make sure you do not over-water or under water the seedlings.

Transplant the succulents

When the succulents are 3 to 4 inch tall, they are redy to be transplanted to permanent pots.